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Evaluating large and diverse portfolios

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Performing single-property analyses

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Written Tests & Assessment Centers

Let us take the stress out of your next promotional assessment. We will work with your executive team to determine what leadership dimensions are important to you and will craft a written exam or full assessment center around those dimensions. You may select the written resources or we can suggest some for your consideration. Written tests can be administered electronically with immediate test results or paper copies if your organization prefers that. Contact us for more details and we will customize your next assessment!

Strategic Planning

With our strategic planning program, we will work with members of your staff to develop organizational plans for implementing the decisions necessary for achieving your organizational goals. From developing a mission & vision statement that meets the needs of your stakeholders to completing a S.W.O.T analysis with your team, we will leave you with a comprehensive strategic plan that will serve as a living document and guide you to achieving your goals in a systematic manner.

Police Training

With our network of instructors, we can offer police training in a number of areas of expertise. Contact us with your ideas and see what we have to offer. If you prefer to use your own instructors, we can work with them to develop biographies, lesson plans, and handouts to make your training impactful to your employees.

Budgeting Assistance & Development

Budgeting can be a daunting and stressful undertaking for law enforcement executives. Let us work with you to prepare a budget proposal for your department. We can also assist you in developing a budget that you can understand and stick to so that you may utilize it properly.

Auditing Services

We will work with you to ensure that your policy & procedure manual is up to date and in line with best law enforcement practices.

As you prepare for your on-site inspection for TPCA Accreditation, we can come and provide a pre-inspection to help you find potential pitfalls to help you pass the first time through.

Police personnel records are always subject to audit by the State. We can audit your records to help locate any missing documents before you are surprised by a State audit.

If you provide law enforcement training to your employees, those records must be maintained for audit by the State. We will work with you to ensure that your records are in order so that you will pass your upcoming audit with flying colors.‚Äč

Engagement Services

Do you need to know what your employees think about something, but do not feel that they would give you honest feedback for fear of backlash? Let us create a survey that your employees can be assured they can complete with anonymity. We will present you with the results of the survey and any comments without divulging the identity of the participants.

Stakeholder surveys can be done anonymously or not. Internal stakeholder surveys are designed to target those who are related to your organization, such as other demartments, volunteer groups, etc.

External stakeholders are those people not directly associated with your organization, but who may have a vested interest in it, such as business owners, citizens, etc.

Salary Surveys

Would you like to see how your organization stacks up against the competition, but not sure where to start? Perhaps any report that you developed internally would be looked at with scrutiny as if it were biased? Let us conduct your next salary survey and prepare a report that you can present as an unbiased representation of your organization's salary as compared to other, similar, organizations.

Executive Recruitment

If you are looking for a new department head, we can help you develop a professional recruiting pamphlet for dissemination to potential applicants. We can help you collect resumes, comb through those resumes to find candidates with the proper credentials for your organization. We can then assist you in creating an assessment to find the candidate that is just right for your organization.